About Us

The Super Sitters was established in order to fill a gap in the childcare industry for the Space and Treasure coast. Jamie's concept was simple, as a mother herself: there’s a point in time while on vacation with the kids that Mom and Dad need a break for themselves. Moreover, kids still need to have the time of their lives while Mom and Dad go out. Thus, the concept of The Super Sitters was born.

Having started with her career in childcare as a counselor for adjudicated youth in wilderness programs for the department of juvenile justice. After several years she went on to become a doula and a full time sitter working for a an event childcare service for almost 10 years before starting The Super Sitters to provide quality children’s services to conventions, weddings, and a variety of other events.

The Super Sitters takes pride in its dedicated caregivers, camp counselors, reservation staff, and on-board management, having provided care for thousands of children over the years.  Our childcare representatives are at least 18 years of age and include college-age, grandmotherly, motherly, and fatherly caregivers as well as teachers, nurses and doulas. You’ll recognize The Super Sitters caregivers by their signature blue shirts, The Super Sitters IDs, toy bags full of age-appropriate toys, and pleasant demeanor.

Each caregiver is thoroughly assessed with an application process, interviews, background checks, and reference checks. Equally as prioritized, the caregiver must fully comprehend child safety, know what children like in order to have fun, and genuinely love children. Once approved, each caregiver goes through specialized training and Orientation. All services are followed through with stringent security procedures.

The Super Sitters has maintained an exceptional track record of satisfied children and parents. We have a compilation of wonderful letters and e-mails for our caregivers that are filled with thankful and heartfelt compliments. The management of The Super Sitters is very proud of our employees and all of these accomplishments.

Please contact our professional reservation department to make your reservation today. All reservations are handled internally with a major credit card.

*Request for reservations can be made Monday - Thursday. The Super Sitters will contact guests within 6 hours concerning this request. Completion of this form does not confirm a reservation.